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About Us

  • Established under the innovative and dynamic leadership of our team in 1997.
  • Hari Om Art specializes in outdoor and indoor services along with other services.
  • Hari Om Art is a leading company in LED Sign Bord, Building Elevation and In shop Branding with timely and effectual service.
  • Hari Om Art ensures client's satisfaction providing sincere efforts and on time services.

Our Goal

  • Team work with Excellence.
  • Instantaneous action for Best Service.
  • Client's Satisfaction.

Our Work

3d Wallpaper

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LED Sign Board

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Building Elevation

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CNC and Laser Cutting Machine

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Home Decor

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Vinyl Eco Solvent Printing

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Our Objectives

  • Creative Ideas

  • Research

  • Trust Worthy

  • Matchless Performance

  • Doorstep Tips

  • Save Time & Money

Outdoor Services...!

Building Elevation (ACP Sheet), Glass Glazing, CNC and Lesser Cutting, LED Sign Board, Steel Letter, Vinyl Eco Solvent Printing

Indoor Services...!

Home Décor, Canvas Painting, Creative Wall, CNC Cutting, Creative Photo Frame, 3D Wall Paper, Decorative Film, Sun Control Film, LED Photo Frame

Other Services...!

Creative Name Plate, Acrylic Trophy, Corporate Gift, Fabrication work, Safety Products

Production Strengh

Laser Cutting Machine

Acrylic : 25 mm (max), MS: 3 mm, SS: 1 mm

Vacuum Bed CNC Cutting Machine

MDF , PVC Sheet, Acrylic : 50 mm (max), ACP Sheet

EPSON Eco Solvent Machine

Speed: 100-140 sqf/h, Resolution: Up to 1440x1440 dpi

Laser Engraving Machine

MDF , PVC Sheet, Acrylic, ACP Sheet, Wooden

Vinyl Cutting Machine

Lamination Machine

Hot and cool Film Lamination

Execution Strength

Metal Laser cutting with LED Lighting

Our Clients

Our beautiful backyard is the ultimate lunch spot , for a get together under our Pomegranate tree or a summer dinner date by our voluptuous sculpted ladies. Beware: Seating is limited and reservations are a must! Call us to book a table.

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United Kingdom

  • London:
    02692 053 8692
  • Manchester:
    0161 300 1834
  • West midlands:
    01922 716 369
  • Gloucestershire & Somerset:
    0117 304 8306

Head Office:

B/2, RamKrishna Shopping Centre,
Mayfair Road, Anand, Gujarat 388001

Call us On:

Office: +91 2692 241570

Ashish Patel: +91 979728000

Manish Patel: +91 997992800

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